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About us:

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Living in the beautiful Hudson Valley for almost 30 years, where spending time in the outdoors has been such a huge part of our daily lives in the raising of our children and our pets, and having been in the camping/outdoors and pet industry for the past 12+ years, "The Tick Patrol" developed out of pure necessity.

We are all on tick patrol, every single day. Whether hiking, biking the Rail Trail, walking the dogs, raking leaves, gardening, camping, rock climbing, or just simply playing, ...

we all are on tick patrol, diligently checking our children, our pets and ourselves before we come inside.

Keep your families and yourselves safe from ticks and the diseases they spread, as we do, with "The Tick Patrol", family owned, operated and manufactured right here in the heart of the Hudson Valley: Kingston, NY, USA.

Thank you for looking,


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