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1. Place The Tick​​ Patrol's

tear-drop opening over the tick.

 2. Slide The Tick Patrol, flat against skin, moving the tick into the smallest tapered end.

 3. Pull slightly upward and away from skin. Tick is removed easily, head and all.


Conveniently store your Tick Patrol on a keychain, pet's collar, backpack or first aid kit.

 How to use:


3 Simple Steps

 to Stop Ticks 

  in Their Tracks:




    Why to use:

  • The Tick Patrol tick remover uses natural forward leverage to remove tick from it's host, safely and effectively.

  • No squirming from your children or pets because removal is done so quickly.

  • ​No more touching, squeezing or traumatizing the tick during removal, which is when disease

     transfer to host occurs.


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